To our prospective clients:

We would like to introduce KINSEY ASSOCIATES.

Kinsey Associates is a park and recreation consultancy with offices in Flemington, New Jersey. Our firm was established in 1962 by Robert B. Kinsey, whose credentials as Director of the Essex County Park Commission provided the foundation for a consulting practice that continues to this day.

We are organized, trained, and experienced in the specialized professional field of recreation system development. Our practice includes: planning, design, preparation of technical documents, and construction contract administration for the development of parks, play areas, school sites and other areas and facilities dedicated to recreation service. We have accumulated in-depth experience in a variety of services including: recreation master planning, site master planning, site analysis and evaluation, field surveys, working drawings and specifications, cost estimating, construction contract administration, grantsmanship and environmental analysis, assessment and permitting.

Our core staff consists of civil engineers and landscape architects and is supplemented by professional affiliates practicing architecture, structural, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering. We have selected and worked with our affiliated professionals over a period of years, to ensure that their service is tailored to the unique requirements of our clients.

Our projects, which now represent more than 1,000 sites, have included designs as small as a single infield renovation to the design of a 13,000 acre state park. We are gratified that many of these represent clients that have returned to us repeatedly for assistance with their most current projects.

Here are some of the advantages we believe we can offer you:

SPECIALIZATION - Recreation is not one of our many services, it is our business. You'll find few others who can make that claim!

EXPERTISE - When you work with us, you will deal with firm principals. Not only for business meetings, but for program development, design and engineering of your project. Assistants, technicians and affiliates that participate on your designs have been selected and trained in our requirements, not borrowed from another department.

PROFESSIONALISM - That the quality of recreation experience is the goal of all design, is the essential belief that underlies our work. We rely on establishing a dialogue with our clients, enabling us to identify appropriate, rather than expedient, solutions to your program needs. We encourage interaction and critical examination of our work and resist the quick-fix approach to your projects. We expect to work with you, not just for you.

If any of these qualities seem attractive, please contact us. We have been here for Forty-nine years, and we will be here tomorrow.

With best hopes for the success of your recreation project, we remain.

Respectfully yours,


L. John Belle, P.E.
NJ GE #024050, PA #039641-R

Gordon A. Raupp, C.L.A.
NJ Landscape Architects #AS0031
Vice President